Enjoy some Axe Throwing while

socializing with family, friends & a cold one!




30 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes



Legend has it there was once a lumberjack living in the Northwoods who was so massive, he could take down an entire tree with one swing of his mighty axe. Possessing such power, he and his team of three loyal friends could do the work of twenty men. One night, deep in the forest, after finishing a long and honest day’s work, they decided to set up camp. They lit a fire, shared some ale, and told stories of a giant bear with BLUE EYES that wandered the Northwoods at night. Sightings were rare, but the few who escaped to tell the tale swore it to be true.

Suddenly, from out of the darkness beyond the fire, they heard a rustle and felt the trees quake. They sprang to their feet and before they knew it, they found themselves in a standoff with a Giant BLUE EYED Bear. Standing but 12 feet apart from the bear, their minds began to race – Is this it? Is this the end? What happened next caught them all by surprise – including the bear. Out of nowhere, an innocent woodchuck appeared, and distracted the bear. Without thinking, the massive lumberjack took up his axe and hurled it towards the beast. His axe struck the bear square in the eye and the party was spared . . . as was the woodchuck.

Stories spread far and wide of the lumberjack who took down the blue eyed bear from the Northwoods. That lumberjack’s was named Woody. With his newly discovered talent, a competitive spirit, and luck on his side, Woody decided to set out on an axe throwing adventure. He made his way across the country throwing axes for sport and seeking others he could challenge. Many took what would eventually be coined “Woody’s Wild Wager,” but all would fail. And as a result, Woody spent the rest of his days drinking ale and throwing axes, but he never forgot that Woodchuck. The woodchuck that stepped in front of a bear, that saved his life and the lives and his friends, and helped him discover his true love of throwing his axe.